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Welcome to Sedona!

Sedona Vortex

Sedona is filled with both a mix of mystery and beauty as the Red Rock Country is home to the mysterious Vortex's of the high Sedona Desert.

You’ve landed on the authoritative source for Sedona Vortex Hunting as here we have assembled for you a complete curated listing of information from folks who have visited the various vortex sites numerous times and in fact have made them a subject of their study. As while there are other vortex sites of interest around the globe, the Sedona Vortexes still remain the highest concentration of these anomies in the world and it is with this fascination we at SedonaVortex.Info have approached our charge.  As we have strived  to compile a list of useful information from basic parking locations for the sites to a curated lists of book which we personally recommend to you before venturing afield including our own eBook & iPhone / iPad App which provides exacting GPS locations for these enigmatic Sedona Vortex sites.

To start this journey its easy to see why Sedona has been know for its beauty being the Red Rock Country as its referred to because it is like no other found in the American West with its stark red buttes jetting skyward in the clear high desert air.  However there is also  believed to be center of spiritual energy located here too, while the area’s beauty is one form of energy, yet another is the vortex sites this landscape keeps secret.  As there are several of these “vortexes”  (note: the proper local term is “vortexes” and not the  grammatically correct form of “vortices” which is each separate and unique and not from a “class” vortices implies) in the greater Sedona area.  While in popular lore the locals claim there to be 4 proper vortex, yet many also feel there is a really a fifth vortex at Chapel of the Holy Cross.  In addition to the main vortex sites, there are what are called sub-vortex site as these are typically near their larger siblings and even in some cases they are reported to be even stronger then the main vortex itself.

Yet all of this doesn’t answer the question about the vortex as “what is a vortex”  after all?  If we consult our friend webster we will find it to be whirling mass of fluid, be it a gas such as in air, liquid as in water as we can all relate to the atypical vortex of water spinning down a drain or that of a vortex created by tornado as it unleash’s its massif force. In short a vortex can be considered an implied force of sorts as these vortexes seem to invisibly apply themselfs from the earth and even some say they my leave residual magnetic residue in their wake.


Sedona Vortex Fun Field Tip:  Take a compass with you as you journey a field to the the Sedona Vortex areas and see if you can find any examples of this residual magnetic energy where the vortexes are said to be the strongest.  Our suggestion is to use a good quality field compass with fine graduations for precision measurements.  In additions, many smart phones such as the iPhone come with sensitive electronic compasses built in and there are many apps on the market to read this data so why not experiment while visiting the vortexes too?


As mentioned there are believed to be four vortex sites in the greater sedan area, with a fifth felt to be the Chapel of Holy Cross, on this web site we will consider there to five vortex locations and suggest if a trip to the Red Rocks of Sedona is your future to plan at least a couple days to allow enough time to visit each and spend some time enjoying them.  It also worth noting that while there are many hiking trails in the Sedona area to take advantage of, the vortex epicenters do not require an athletes stamina to reach.  While there is some walking involved, if you take it easy and use care there shouldn’t be an issue.  Just remember that Sedona and therefore the vortexes are located in the high desert and the air is dry and hot dress accordingly an drink plenty of water,

What does the energy of the vortex do you ask, good question in general terms the vortex energy is said to affect your inter-being and having been to these sites many times and interviewed various visitors,  the responses are all over the board.  Some report seeing faint bubbles, other a feel of pressure and some those of a spiritual uplifting as if in the presence of something greater.  As the general idea is the Sedona Vortex emits a form of “resonate” energy which can affect people in differing ways much as sound resonates at varying frequencies in various openings (like an echo comes back to you).  Yet there are no guarantees when visiting the vortexes as what your experience will be as each is their own and mostly what you want to make of it.

As mentioned in the Sedona aera there are the main vortex sites as well as sub-vortex sites in and round each while we’ve mapped out the general locations of the sites we also offer a book with detailed GPS coordinates to rapidly narrow the search as well as an iPhone/iPad application too.  However you can also look for tell tales signs when afield in vortex country as one of the key physical signs if you will is the twisted Juniper trees which occur in and around Sedona Vortex sites.  Its worth noting that the twisting action is most likely how the “vortex” name came about as these tress are twisted as if they been in a vortex of sorts.  As if you inspect these trees closely their branches are twisted around and around sort of like spiral if you will as they reach outward.  Addition, the outer perimeter of the vortex sites is sometime mark by stand of smaller dead trees, this is most notable near Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon as you progress through the trails to the vortex site take note of the vegetation.